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Jim Lewis
ASIC and FPGA Design and Verification Contract Status

Jim Lewis Phone: 503-320-0782      Resume      Email:  

Current Assignment and Availability
I am currently available for consulting and contracting work. Work can be done from my office in Tigard (Portland), Oregon or on-site at your location. I give preference to challenging projects. How can I help?

Contact me for up to date information.  Email:  

Services Offered
I have designed and verified ASICs and FPGAs from system concepts to board test. As a result, I am comfortable with most ASIC and FPGA tasks.
  • Design
    • Hardware System Architecture
    • ASIC / FPGA Detailed Architecture
    • ASIC and FPGA RTL Coding
    • VHDL code review
  • Verification
    • System verification planning
    • System-level, Transaction-based testbench implementation
    • Transaction-based testbench model development
  • Methodology & Tool Flow Planning
    • Design infrastructure planning and implementation
    • Custom program and script development to automate the design process
    • VHDL methodology review
  • Problem Solving (code, tools, methodology)
  • VHDL Training
Tool and Vendor Experience
  • Model Technology, MTI Simulator
  • Synplicity Synplify Synthesis Tool
  • Mentor/Exemplar Synthesis Tools
  • Synopsys Design Compiler, FPGA Compiler, and VSS Simulator
  • Mentor Graphics Leonardo Synthesis Tool
  • SCCS, RCS revision control tools
  • ASIC Vendors: Fujitsu, OKI, TI, ST, Honeywell
  • FPGA Vendors: Altera, Xilinx, Actel
Past Assignments
As part of my past assignments I have done the following:
  • Defined the Hardware System Architecture
    • Written Hardware Architecture Specifications.
    • Written Hardware Implementation Specifications.
    • Written Hardware - Software Interface Specifications.
  • Designed:
    • Intel 80486 CPU interface.
    • SDRAM Controller.
    • DPRAM Controller.
    • EDO DRAM Controller.
    • IEEE 1284 Parallel Port (Host).
    • HP MIO Interface (HP Printer internal port).
    • FIFOs, both memory and register based.
    • T1/E1 plus ATM processing logic for IMA ATM board using two Altera FPGAs
  • Written a IEEE 1284 parallel port peripheral behavioral model.
    • Model included additional states for error insertion /generation.
  • Transaction-based system-level verification of ASICs and FPGAs
    • Synopsys (LMG) Smart Models
    • Internally developed models
For more details see my resume.

VHDL or Verilog
To date, all of my HDL based ASIC design has been with VHDL. Some day if the opportunity presents itself I would like to try my hand at Verilog. For my first VHDL design, I learned VHDL, Synopsys, and developed an Actel FPGA in 6 months. I am confident that learning Verilog will come as easily as VHDL.

The SynthWorks offices are in Tigard (Portland), Oregon. Work can be done from my office or on-site at your location. Preference is given to work done in Portland area (my site or yours). Contact me for details.  Email:  

I also give preference to non-US locations. As part of my consulting activities with Zycad, I worked in France and would like to go back. Caution, my French is still only good enough to get dinner and a laugh.

Outside Interests
Yoga, Ultimate Frisbee, Kayaking, Skiing

To view Mr. Lewis' biography, click here.
To view Mr. Lewis' resume, click here.

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