SynthWorks Expert VHDL Training for Hardware Design and Verification
Comprehensive VHDL Intro
(4 Days)

Adv VHDL Testbenches & Verification
(5 Days)

VHDL Synthesis (4 Days)
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SynthWorks Training
Jumpstart your VHDL design and verification tasks
Whether it be introductory, verification or synthesis training, the knowledge you gain will help you finish your next FPGA or ASIC project in a more timely and efficient manner.

Get VHDL hardware experience with our FPGA lab board.

Learn from leaders in IEEE VHDL Standards and OSVVM.
We actively lead and participate in IEEE VHDL standards and the Open Source VHDL Verification Methodology (OSVVM).   We know the VHDL-2008 because we helped develop it and co-authored a book on it.   We co-founded OSVVM with Aldec and are the chief architect of the packages and methodology.   Your business is essential to our supporting these efforts.

Learn Leading-Edge, Best-Coding Practices
We have been teaching best VHDL coding practices since 1997.   Our classes are kept under a continual refinement process to ensure you get the latest information.   We believe our classes are the best in the industry and back them with a satisfaction guarantee.  

VHDL verification is our specialty
The Open Source VHDL Verification Methodology (OSVVM) is based on the methodology and packages we developed for our Advanced VHDL Testbenches and Verification class.   In this class, we provide a superset of the OSVVM packages.   Our packages simplify constrained random testing, coverage driven random testing (an intelligent testbench approach), functional coverage, scoreboards, interfaces, and memories.   Our modeling approach is accessible by both verification and RTL designers.

Jumpstart your verification effort by reusing our packages for constrained random testing, functional coverage, Intelligent Coverage™ (coverage driven random - aka Intelligent Testbench) testing, scoreboards, transaction level modeling (TLM), and memories.

Online, Instructor-Led Classes
In addition to on-site and public venue classes, we also offer online VHDL classes.   Our instructor-led online classes cover the same material as we do in a classroom session.   Lecture and labs are provided in half day sessions allowing training to be mixed with work responsibilities.   Use phone or integrated audio (via your computer) to listen and ask questions.   No travel required, attend from your desk or home.  
Online class details.     Online class schedule.

Learn from Our VHDL Experts
Our instructors have solved difficult design and verification coding problems and can answer your questions in detail.

Vendor independent training
Learn using the tools and FPGA of your choice.   While we have close ties with EDA vendors and teach how to use their tools, we also focus on teaching vendor independent VHDL coding techniques.   Learn coding styles that are portable and effective for all EDA tools.  

VHDL Training Course Summary

Comprehensive VHDL Introduction   - 4 Day - Beginners Class
Learn VHDL for FPGA and ASIC design and verification.   Class covers syntax, RTL coding, and testbenches.   Class comes with your choice of an Altera or Xilinx FPGA board to make sure you understand the whole process from simulation to chip
Advanced VHDL Testbenches and Verification   - 5 Days
Learn the latest VHDL verification techniques including transaction level modeling (tlm), self-checking, scoreboards, memory modeling, functional coverage, directed, algorithmic, constrained random, and intelligent testbench test generation.   Create a VHDL testbench environment that is competitive with other verification languages, such as SystemVerilog or 'e'.   Our techniques work on VHDL simulators without additional licenses and are accessible to RTL engineers.
VHDL Coding for Synthesis   - 4 Days
Learn VHDL RTL (FPGA and ASIC) coding styles, methodologies, design techniques, problem solving techniques, and advanced language constructs to produce better, faster, and smaller logic.
Customization Your On-site Class
Our classes are modular and customizable.   Need something special in your on-site class?   Whether it is a custom focus or class length, we can do it.   Contact us for details.