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Jim Lewis
ASIC and FPGA Design and Verification Contract Status

Jim Lewis Phone: +1-503-590-4787      Resume      Email:  

Current Assignment and Availability
I am currently available for part-time consulting and contracting work. Work can be done from my office in Tigard (Portland), Oregon or on-site at your location. I give preference to challenging projects. How can I help?

Contact me for up to date information.  Email:  

Services Offered
I have designed and verified ASICs and FPGAs from system concepts to board test. As a result, I am comfortable with most ASIC and FPGA tasks.
  • Verification
    • Verification planning
    • OSVVM Testbench implementation
    • OSVVM Model development
  • Design
    • ASIC / FPGA Detailed Architecture
    • ASIC and FPGA RTL Coding
    • VHDL code review
  • Methodology & Tool Flow Planning
    • Design infrastructure planning and implementation
    • Custom program and script development to automate the design process
    • VHDL methodology review
  • Problem Solving (code, tools, methodology)
  • VHDL Training
Tool and Vendor Experience
  • Mentor QuestaSim/ModelSim
  • Aldec RivieraPro/ActiveHDL
  • Synopsys Synplify, Design Compiler, and VSS Simulator
  • GIT, SCCS, RCS revision control tools
  • ASIC Vendors: Fujitsu, OKI, TI, ST, Honeywell
  • FPGA Vendors: Intel/Altera, Xilinx, Microsemi/Actel
Past Assignments
As part of my past assignments I have done the following:
  • Defined the Hardware System Architecture
    • Written Hardware Architecture Specifications.
    • Written Hardware Implementation Specifications.
    • Written Hardware - Software Interface Specifications.
  • Designed:
    • Intel 80486 CPU interface.
    • SDRAM Controller.
    • DPRAM Controller.
    • EDO DRAM Controller.
    • IEEE 1284 Parallel Port (Host).
    • HP MIO Interface (HP Printer internal port).
    • FIFOs, both memory and register based.
    • T1/E1 plus ATM processing logic for IMA ATM board using two Altera FPGAs
  • Written a IEEE 1284 parallel port peripheral behavioral model.
    • Model included additional states for error insertion /generation.
  • Transaction-based system-level verification of ASICs and FPGAs
    • Synopsys (LMG) Smart Models
    • Internally developed models
For more details see my resume.

The SynthWorks offices are in Tigard (Portland), Oregon. Work can be done from my office or on-site at your location. Preference is given to work done in Portland area (my site or yours). Contact me for details.  Email:  

I also give preference to non-US locations. As part of my consulting activities with Zycad, I worked in France and would like to go back. Caution though as my French is still only good enough to get dinner and a laugh.

Outside Interests
Yoga, Ultimate Frisbee, Kayaking, Skiing

To view Mr. Lewis' biography, click here.
To view Mr. Lewis' resume, click here.

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