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Comprehensive VHDL Intro
(4 Days)

Adv VHDL Testbenches & Verification
(5 Days)

VHDL Synthesis (4 Days)

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Online VHDL Classes

SynthWorks online classes are instructor-led training that provide the same benefits as our classroom based training.   Lecture and labs are provided in half day segments allowing training to be mixed with work responsibilities.   No travel required, attend from your desk or home.

The Class:
  • Class is lead by a VHDL expert.
  • It covers same materials as a classroom session.
  • We meet for 2 to 2.5 hours per day.
  • Ask questions during class via phone or integrated audio (via your computer).

    Class Time:
  • We adjust class time to be within your work hours.
  • We offer class sessions at different times for different regions (US, Europe, ...).
  • When possible we offer a choice of morning or afternoon sessions.

    The Labs:
  • Labs are done separately from class and require 1.5 to 2.5 hours of time.
  • Instructor is available for questions via phone, email, or an online session.

  • All classes require a computer with a simulator.
  • Comprehensive VHDL Introduction and VHDL Coding for Synthesis require a synthesis tool.
  • Highspeed Internet (DSL, cable modem, or better).
  • Phone or Integrated Audio (Computer + USB headset or microphone and speakers).
  • A quiet place.

    Getting tools for home:
  • Most simulators have temporary licenses that will last for the entire class session.
  • An FPGA version of the simulator is also fine.
  • The free version of Altera or Xilinx synthesis tools is sufficient.

    Test Drive?
    Not sure about online classes.   Let us know and we will arrange a test drive session.  

    Private Online Classes are available for groups.

    All of our core VHDL courses are available as an online class.   Online classes work well for small groups (1 to 3 people).   On-site classes work well for larger groups (5 or more).  

    Questions?   Contact Jim Lewis at (800) 505-8435, +1-503-590-4787, or

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